About Volunteering

About Volunteering

Volunteering at a Community House includes many different types of activities.  Doing work behind the scenes, such as unloading the Food Bank delivery truck, or being front and center leading a neighborhood craft group are equally important examples.  In response to neighborhood feedback, a Volunteer and Community support project has been developed to add more organization to the way in which volunteers fulfill a variety of roles at the Community House.

Increasing opportunities for volunteering means reducing the barriers that volunteers sometimes experience.  These may include a lack of transportation, inadequate clothing and/or supplies, and little or no assistance with childcare.  By recognizing these barriers and working to support volunteers on a case by case basis the Community House is creating positive outlets for residents to get involved in their community by volunteering.   

We believe that volunteering has the potential to:

  1. Promote change through the collective efforts of those living in the neighborhood;
  2. Ensure that everyone has a voice and space to contribute;
  3. Connect people to each other and the causes they care about;
  4. Promote active participation that will shape our neighborhood;
  5. Build on neighborhood strengths to respond to arising challenges
  6. Reach out to a large number of community members from different age groups, cultures and socio-economic backgrounds;
  7. Increase a sense of belonging and well-being; and to,
  8. Ensure that we can achieve our goals that matter to everyone.  

Your volunteer efforts make us stronger, more dynamic and diverse. It is our goal to welcome and support as many volunteers as we can, including those on the road to recovery, second chances, students, youth, seniors, and those needing community hours and more.

The Morrison Gardens Community House would like to acknowledge the support of the May Court Club of Ottawa who have provided financial support to the Volunteer and Resident Support Project.  Morrison Gardens residents and those from adjacent neighborhoods are better able to volunteer as a result of the May Court Club's contribution.

 With the help of volunteers, the Morrison Gardens Community House will achieve the principles and mission of the community house.

Be Involved/ Your role at MGCH

Role 1 - Community Navigator


​​Have experience and training

Wear lanyards for scheduled shifts

Make referrals to resources.

Orientation Checklist

Volunteering and Lending a Hand at the Morrison Gardens Community House: What you Need to Know

Safe People Training

Signed confidentiality forms

Crisis Cards Referral resources

Role 2 - Community Leaders


Lead events/groups and host discussions with Community House Coordinator in proximity

Orientation Checklist

Volunteering and Lending a Hand at the Morrison Gardens Community House: What you Need to Know

Signed confidentiality forms

Role 3 - Community Ambassadors



The ‘walking community house

Set up and take down

On call to support events or activities

Orientation Checklist

Volunteering and Lending a Hand at the Morrison Gardens Community House: What you Need to Know

Signed confidentiality forms

Volunteer Process

The Morrison Gardens Community House strives to engage volunteers and community helpers who are representative of the neighborhood and the communities served.  If you are interested to apply please read the Morrison Gardens Volunteer and Lending a Hand Guide  for more details.

Applying to Become a Volunteer:

If you are interested in applying, please download one of the following Applications:

Morrison Gardens Community Center
​985 -A Morrison Drive,
Ottawa, ON,
K2H 7L

For further information please call 613-596 6229 or email gardensmorrison@gmail.com​​

  • For Non-Resident Volunteers, Apply through the Pinecrest-Queensway Community Health Center (PQCHC) by downloading the  Volunteer Application form  from the PQCHC website. Fill the form and then drop it at the reception 

Pinecrest-Queensway Community Center

2nd floor, 1365 Richmond Road,

Ottawa, ON,

K2B 6R7

For further information please call 613- 820 4922 or email volunteering@pqchc.com

After you apply, you will be contacted and there will be a conversation about our Community House needs and where your skills would be a good fit.  If we are not able to accept your offer to volunteer at this time, we will make every effort to refer you to other opportunities.

After Becoming a Volunteer:
You will receive a folder with the following orientation resources.  

  1. Volunteering and Community Engagement at the Morrison Gardens Community House: What you Need to Know (please read  the Morrison Gardens Volunteer and Lending a Hand Guide and sign)
  2. Confidentiality form (please read and sign)
  3. Volunteer Vision
  4. DO YOU NEED SOMEONE TO TALK TO? (crisis referral numbers)
  5. Emergency contact card

You can approach your supervisor with any questions. Your supervisor wills overview supervision and self-assessment expectations for your position.  ​​

Volunteer Opportunities


Support to Children's Programs

Volunteers provide assistance and support to a variety of children's activities. Opportunities may include:

  1. Arts and crafts instruction and preparation
  2. Snack preparation
  3. Reading stories and other literacy activities
  4. Tutoring and academic support
  5. Planning and facilitating outdoor recreation

Public Relations and Special Events

Volunteers assist with public awareness campaigns, public education activities and events. Opportunities may include:

  1. Newsletter development 
  2. Advertising and flyer distribution
  3. Preparing or serving food
  4. Greeting and hosting community members during events
  5. Assisting with event planning
  6. Outreach activities in the community

Support to Youth Programs 

Volunteers provide support, encouragement, and assistance to youth. Opportunities may include:

  1. Helping with youth drop-in activities for teenage boys and girls
  2. Tutoring and academic support
  3. Sports and recreational coaching support
  4. facilitating drama, dance and arts & crafts activities
  5. Workshops, training and health promotion activities
  6. support specific programs like United Sisters

Educational Support

Volunteers provide educational assistance to a variety of programs. Opportunities may include:

  1. Developing educational and leadership activities for children, youth or adults
  2. Helping clients explore technology
  3. Organizing workshops and supports for multicultural and English as a Second Language clients
  4. Art and craft skills classes, such as painting, drawing, and sewing 
  5. Coaching and mentoring job seekers

Ground and Maintenance Support

Volunteers assist with ground support and maintenance projects. Opportunities may include:

  1. Assist with grounds up-keeping, shoveling, cleaning, and cutting grass 
  2. Assist with weeding, planting, and watering gardens
  3. Complete grounds and maintenance jobs to beautify the residence

Kitchen and Cooking Support

 Opportunities may include:

  1. Help prepare food for special events
  2. Manage the kitchen supplies and keeping the kitchen well stocked and maintained.